Medicilon successfully exhibited in the SAPA CT Annual Conference丨the SAPA CT Annual Conference




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Medicilon successfully exhibited in the SAPA CT Annual Conference

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Medicilon successfully exhibit in the SAPA-CT annual conference which was held in New Haven, CT on Oct 19. Dr. Frank Wang, VP of Medicilon, attended the conference along with Dr. Cindy Chen, Dr. Lain H Cai and Sally Tang, the BDs of Medicilon.

During the 1-on-1 client meetings and the booth, many companies showed interested in the services provided by Medicilon and expressed their interest in visiting the Medicilon headquarters in Shanghai for further and deeper understanding of the Medicilon’s services.

In addition, Dr. Wang was invited to give a speech during the conference. Dr. Wang shared his thought and experience on tumor immunotherapy preclinical model.

the SAPA-CT annual conference

Dr. Frank Wang, VP of Medicilon

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