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Medicilon's Pharmacology department functions in accordance with the needs of our customers for a variety of effective animal models used to detect drug effectiveness. We offer non-human primates, dogs, mice, and rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, amongst others in our services. At present, we have various proven effective animal models, furthermore, our staff’s rich experience operate with strong theoretical basis is while still being flexible enough for custom development of various types of models to meet the requirements of our clients.

  • Cancer Xenograft Models

    Cancer Xenograft Models

    Medicilon has over 100 well-characterized Tumor Cell Line Xenograft models。 Our experienced staffs operate with strong theoretical basis。 We offer the services which are flexible for custom development of various types of models to meet the requirements of our clients。

  • Orthotopic Models

    Orthotopic Models

    Orthotopic cancer models by Medicilon were developed for use in the efficacy evaluation of novel anticancer compounds。

  • Syngeneic models

    Syngeneic models

    Medicilon offers syngeneic mouse models suitable for the evaluation of immunobiological-based therapies。

  • Transgenic Mouse Model

    Transgenic Mouse Model

    Medicilon provides transgenic mouse services.One-stop solution to generate transgenic mouse models and embryos.Complete selection of full-service or customizable packages for genetically-modified rodent model generation and colony management.

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