Safety pharmacology research



Safety Pharmacology Research

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Our Safety pharmacology has professional teams with rich experience in toxicology studies. We offer high-quality data and rapid turnaround period to support drug discovery and development. Our toxicological studies are conducted in various animal species. The toxicological evaluation from dose design, in-life studies to histology and pathology testing along with toxicokinetics studies are all compliant with GLP or NON-GLP standards. Our study platform is certified as one of the Shanghai Public Service Research Platforms.


  • Single dose toxicity test (rodent and non-rodent)
  • Repeated dose toxicity study (rodent and non-rodent)
  • Safety pharmacology test: telemetry and non-telemetry to monitor the electrocardiogram and respiration of dogs and monkeys, rats FOB
  • Genotoxicity tests
  • Reproductive toxicity test
  • Immunogenicity test
  • Toxicokinetic
  • Partial toxicity test


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